Mani Feeling… Meh? 25 Holiday Nail Ideas That Go Beyond the Classic Red

Mani Feeling… Meh? 25 Holiday Nail Ideas That Go Beyond the Classic Red

The magic of the holidays exists in the details. Oftentimes, the smallest design choices make the biggest impact. And usually, little acts of kindness can shift someone’s mood for the better. But it’s during the festive season that this truth shines the most. From selecting your holiday decor to planning your gatherings—putting everything together is harder than it looks. (And from all the Pinterest boards we’ve been scoping, it looks pretty hard.) Of course, there’s the holiday attire as well. But luckily, your manicure can speak a thousand words. And like ornaments on a tree, fun holiday nails make all the difference.

You can choose to show them off at the dinner table or opt for something that will last through your festive food prep. Holiday nails come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re always a delight. Keep reading—the best holiday nail trends are right at your fingertips.

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Shiny handbag holiday nails.

25 Festive Holiday Nails Ideas

Ring in the new year with the trendiest holiday nail ideas. A pop of red or a delicate design might be just what you need to add that extra bit of magic to your holiday season. From the viral trends that are taking over TikTok to timeless classics that even your mom will compliment, ahead you’ll find all the inspo you need for festive holiday nails.

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1. Cocoa

Still holding onto autumn? This cocoa shade is the perfect transitional color to take you from fall into the festive season. They’re made for cradling mugs of hot chocolate—spiked or otherwise.

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2. Ice Queen

Romanticize the sleet and snow with a slate grey manicure. Add some rhinestones for an icy, iridescent touch.

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3. Party Szn

Sometimes, more is more. These glamorous, glittery nails pair well with a sequined dress and holiday party plans. All you need a disco ball.

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4. Clean Girl Chrome

The chrome trend is still going strong. This semi-neutral shade is a versatile but eye-catching option for a lowkey look that still brings the glamour.

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5. Red Chrome

For a more festive take on the trend, go for a red chrome look. Your nails will look like laminated, freshly wrapped presents.

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6. Candy Cane Cutie

Is it weird to say that I want to take a bite out of these nails? (But actually… ) Add a candy cane swirl to your classic French and thank us later.

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7. Snow Dust

For another neutral option, try this subtle, snowy shade. The barely-there dusting makes these a new Christmas classic.

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8. Golden Glitter

For an easy DIY, this golden tip is a less messy way to indulge in glitter this holiday season.

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9. Starry Night

Whatever you celebrate, nothing feels more festive than adding a celestial touch. Stars make this golden French manicure stand out without being gaudy.

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10. Holiday Rhinestones

These nails look like they were dusted with the sprinkles from your holiday sugar cookies. Personalize them with your own color combinations.

11. White Christmas

Whether it snows or not, guarantee yourself a white Christmas with this milky mani.

12. Mistletoe Mani

Like the cherry designs that were so trendy this summer, these mistletoe decals are a great step up to the classic French.

13. Tuxedo

Black tie events? Black nails. This tuxedo coat is a classic shade for any event you have on your holiday lineup.

14. Emerald City

Green might feel cliche for the holidays, but this deep emerald will never go out of style.

15. Plaid PJs

Matching pajamas are one of the more divisive holiday traditions. But I say embrace the season’s parade of plaid—especially since it makes for a cute nail pattern.

16. Midnight Chocolate

This neutral take on the starry pattern is like a box of chocolates with allll the options. It’s like a true Christmas treat.

17. Bows and Ribbons

I’m not the best at wrapping presents. But this manicure might make up for it.

18. Dulce de Leche

Indulge in another sweet treat with this delicious dulce de leche shade.

19. Mulled Wine

This cozy winter drink is also the inspiration for your next holiday red. It’s warm and classic for a reason.

20. Icy Blue

This light blue isn’t just a trendy shade—it also doubles as a subtle nod to the Hanukkah season.

21. Arctic Aura

A blue aura translates to a deep, pensive thinker. If you have an existential crisis on your holiday agenda, this is the mani for you.

22. Snowflakes

Snowflakes look good with any shade, but I’m partial to this cool blue French.

23. Ornaments

Like little baubles or Christmas confetti, this colorful polka dot pattern is a fun pop of holiday spirit.

24. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights might be a hassle, but you can’t deny how good they look. The same goes for your nails. Plus, if you use a glow-in-the-dark polish, they can really light up the room

25. Wreath It Up

Once you’re done decking the halls, it’s time to take the festive fervor to your nails. This delicate wreath design is a holiday fave.

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