Cancel Your Plans: These Are the Best New Holiday Movies to Binge-Watch Before New Year’s

Cancel Your Plans: These Are the Best New Holiday Movies to Binge-Watch Before New Year’s

This year, I’m considering myself most content when all my to-do list involves is watching every last one of the best new holiday movies in 2023. (And I’m feeling ambitious—let’s make it before New Year’s Eve.) While everyone else is attending holiday parties, decking the halls, and getting after their Christmas shopping, I’m happily hibernating indoors. You can catch me curled up on the couch of my childhood home covered in blankets and pressing play again and again to the movies that are sure to give me all the warm and fuzzy feels. 

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The Best New Holiday Movies to Stream in 2023

I’ll paint you an even clearer picture of my ideal Christmas weekend: fuzzy socks, endless cups of hot chocolate, and yes, spending all day in my pajamas. The only thing that can make it even more perfect? This list of the best new holiday movies in 2023 ahead.

I’ve rounded up everything Netflix, Hulu, and all our favorite streaming platforms have to offer. There are new takes on old classics and (of course) Christmas-themed rom coms that’ll make even the Scrooges among us believe in love. So scroll on for a healthy dose of stay-cozy-indoors inspiration—and let me know if there are any must-sees I need to add to my watch list.

Best. Christmas. Ever!

Brandy—yes, that Brandy—stars alongside Heather Graham and Jason Biggs in this holiday movie based on a totally relatable concept. We all know those people whose lives appear too good to be true. In Best. Christmas. Ever! Charlotte and her husband Rob end up on Charlotte’s friend Jackie’s doorstep. While spending several days with her family, Charlotte makes it her mission to prove Jackie’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems.

Available on: Netflix

A Christmas Frequency

To save her boss Brooke’s radio show, Kenzie, a producer, sets her up on-air blind dates. But when Kenzie ends up connecting with one of the contenders, she has to choose between what she wants for herself and what’s best for her career.

Available on: Hulu

The Claus Family 3

Is grandpa Santa? The answer to that question sits at the center of The Claus Family 3, and with the patriarch in trouble, it’s up to his grandchildren, Jules and Noor, to save Christmas. It’s a funny and heartfelt instant Christmas classic. And if you don’t have the time to invest in the first two movies, don’t worry, this one can stand on its own.

Available on: Netflix


Each year delivers a standout holiday romantic comedy—and prediction: this year, EXmas is it. Now tell me if this also sounds like your nightmare: Your parents invite your ex-fiancée to Christmas. They thought you weren’t coming, but then you decide to come anyway. Turns out, you’re the one in for a surprise. Will both of you make it to the big day? Watch EXmas to find out.

Available on: Freevee

Family Switch

Christmas is the perfect time of year for families to reconnect, but when a little celestial magic swaps the Walker parents with the kids for a day, it’s an opportunity for each of them to truly walk in the others’ shoes. The film is heartwarming, funny, and features Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms as the parents (a 13 Going on 30 reference gets dropped, too… ). It’s a holiday delight.

Available on: Netflix


Melissa McCarthy was made for Christmas movie stardom. In the days before Christmas, everything is going terribly for Bernard. He’s lost his job, his wife left him, and he won’t get to spend the holiday with his daughter. But when he opens an old jewelry box, a magical genie (McCarthy) pops out, ready to grant him his every wish. But will it be enough to save his holidays? Watch and find out…

Available on: Peacock

The Holdovers

I’m calling it now: this is 2023’s best holiday movie. Whereas other Christmas movies are meant purely to draw upon our holiday fervor, The Holdovers connects us to the many complicated emotions that are present this time of year. Paul Giamatti stars as a cranky professor at a New England prep school and is tasked with watching the students who have nowhere to go for the holiday break. And while he takes on the task begrudgingly, he soon forms an unlikely bond with a troublemaking student and the school’s head cook. Prepare to cry, laugh, and feel all the feels.

Available: In theaters

Candy Cane Lane

Eddie Murphy is back! (But more important: Tracee! Ellis! Ross!) Chris Carver (Murphy) wants to win the best decorated house on the block, and in his desperation, signs a deal with a mischievous elf. But while he thought the magic would help make his house the most festive, instead, it brings the 12 days of Christmas to life. To stop the evil elf, Chris must bring his family together before he loses everything.

Release date: Prime Video

The Velveteen Rabbit

I grew up with my parents reading me this book every night—and still to this day, I treasure the story of a stuffed rabbit who wants nothing more than to become “real.” The movie retains all of the book’s magic, and communicates the central theme of unconditional love with beautiful, touching artistry. It’s the perfect movie to watch with the whole family on Christmas day, post-presents.

Available on: Apple TV+

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