Time to Get Crafty: These 20 Ideas Are Gift-Wrapping Gold

Time to Get Crafty: These 20 Ideas Are Gift-Wrapping Gold

It’s crunch time, you guys! While we’ve been hearing the same thing (start your holiday gift shopping early!), 2023 was when it really counted. Sure, I say that every year, but c’mon—doesn’t it become more and more true? Shipping delays, major trade hubs getting overwhelmed and backed up… nothing seems to change. The past few years have set off a frenzy of frantic gift buying that, this year, hasn’t slowed down. So if you did your holiday shopping in advance, then you’re likely sitting pretty right about now. You might even have the luxury of spending the next few weeks leisurely wrapping presents with your favorite Christmas movies on in the background. If that’s the case for you, get ready for all the best gift wrapping ideas the internet could provide. We’ve rounded up our favorites, and they’re not to be missed.

Featured image from our interview with Devon Liedtke.

20 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Fit Any Present

While I’d consider myself an aesthetically-inclined person, I cannot, repeat CAN-NOT wrap presents to save my life. In the past, I’d try to put together a beautiful present, only to strategically (shamefully) place my presents under the tree so you couldn’t see the taped-together underside. I’ve gotten more efficient in recent years and opted instead for the can’t-mess-it-up gift bag solution. And while that’s definitely helped keep my presents from being an eyesore, I do want to bring a little creativity to my Christmas wrapping.

The good news is, there are plenty of creative ways to add flair to your presents. That’s why we curated this list of gift wrapping ideas to fit any style. There’s minimalist, maximalist, and au natural. There’s colorful, classic, and beautifully craft-inspired. However you want to wrap your presents, this list has it. Scroll through, and be sure to let us know how you plan to wrap your gifts this year. I’ll take all the inspiration I can get.

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Keep It Simple & Chic

Brown craft paper and a mocha-colored ribbon. Sometimes, the most streamlined options are the chicest. If you’re like me and give a lot of thought to curating your presents under the tree, alternate your ribbons and incorporate a few sage green and black gifts as well.

Devon Liedtke’s Scandinavian Christmas

Baking Soda Clay Gift Wrap Embellishment DIY best gift wrapping ideas

Put Your Pantry Staples to Use

Is your box of baking soda slowly nearing its expiration in the fridge? Put it to good use with this easy creative gift wrap idea! Finish off your baking soda gift toppers with a few foraged branches and boughs and you’ll have a present worthy of its spot beneath the tree.

Baking Soda Clay Gift Wrap Embellishment DIY from Tatertots and Jello

DIY Paper Straw Stars best gift wrapping ideas

Opt for a Peppermint Flair

With just string, straws, and some craft paper, you can make this simple DIY in minutes. It’s a five-step process to craft a star that would be right at home on any of your gifts as well as hanging from your tree. Anything that calls for a little holiday touch, this DIY delivers.

DIY Paper Straw Stars From A Splash of Something

Mini Christmas Tree Gift Wrap best gift wrapping ideas

Bring the Outdoors In

I love incorporating natural elements into my gift wrap. This clever tutorial leans on evergreen cuttings and shrubs (boxwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, cedar, and juniper all work beautifully) to create a seasonally-scented, wrapping wonder. It’s so pretty, your recipient might not be able to open their gift.

Mini Christmas Tree Gift Wrap From A Piece of Rainbow

5 Gift Wrap Ideas for Christmas best gift wrapping ideas

Pile on the Pinecones, Foliage, and Natural Elements

I love pairing neutral paper in either black, white, or a natural hue with jute. It’s easygoing while still feeling special and elevated. Adding pops of color with foliage or sentimental notes or photos adds the little touch of joy and emotion I want all of my presents to bring.

5 Gift Wrap Ideas for Christmas from Burkatron

Pom Pom Gift Wrap best gift wrapping ideas

Pom It Up

I love gift wrapping ideas that look super glamorous without feeling over the top. This checks off both boxes beautifully. All you need for this fun and festive gift wrap is yarn, pom poms, and a few gift tags. Using black and white paper and adding a little sparkle with your ribbon creates an elevated presentation while still looking like it came straight from the heart (because, well, it did).

Pom Pom Gift Wrap from Modern Glam

DIY Sleigh Bell + Mistletoe Present Topper best gift wrapping ideas

Tie on a Little Jingle Jangle

Now here’s what to make if you’re really going for a show-stopping topper. While this DIY is admittedly quite a bit more involved than most others on this list, every single step is worth it to get this final result. The mistletoe is truly a work of art, and you’re going to have to work hard to make sure what’s inside the wrapping lives up to what’s on the outside.

DIY Sleigh Bell + Mistletoe Present Topper from Honestly WTF

Paper Snowflake Gift Topper best gift wrapping ideas

Put Your Paper Snowflakes to Use

I don’t know about you, but in the days leading up to Christmas, you can catch me making all the paper snowflakes my festive heart can handle. While I love sticking them up on windows and using them to decorate all areas of my home, these snowflake present toppers are brilliant. They’re statement-making and modern while still feeling decidedly Christmas-y. You can follow the DIY tutorial here for step-by-step instructions on how to make the most stunning snowflakes. If you’re wrapping with kiddos, this is also a great way to get the whole fam involved.

Paper Snowflake Gift Topper from Giochi di Carta

Wreath Gift Toppers best gift wrapping ideas

Adorn Your Gift With a Wreath

When Christmas comes around, I’m of the opinion that wreaths belong everywhere. On my front door, above the mantle, in every window, and yes, on my presents. These mini wreaths take your present from perfect (because anything that comes from the heart already is) to the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever held in their hands. Gather your greenery (try olive and bay leaves), berries, floral wire, a thick metal wire for the wreath, and a glue gun if you really want to take things to the next level.

Wreath Gift Toppers from Say Yes

DIY Gingerbread Gift Tags best gift wrapping ideas

Add a Little Something Edible

Who wouldn’t love a little sweet treat to go with their gift? These easy-cut-out gingerbread cookies are beyond cute and customize your present with something not only thoughtful but totally gorgeous. Just be sure to bake them no sooner than a day beforehand and keep your presents out of reach of any doggies or curious cats. You want these cookies going to the right mouths.

DIY Gingerbread Gift Tags from Honestly WTF

Navy and Gold Gift Wrap best gift wrapping ideas

Add a Little Glamour and Glitz

Opting for metallics is an easy way to make your present all the more special. I love this combo of glittery gold with just a peek of the deep, saturated navy. Go for a wide ribbon that lets your wrapping paper barely peek through—this one’s all about the bow.

Navy and Gold Gift Wrap from Cox and Cox

Printable Faux Bow Gift Boxes best gift wrapping ideas

Let a Printable Do the Work

A reminder that good things come in small packages. This is a super simple and easy way to create a woodland-like effect for your present. Whether you’re gifting jewelry or something else that’s small, pop it in one of these petite boxes for a surprise anyone on your list will love.

Printable Faux Bow Gift Boxes from Oh Happy Day

DIY Winter Wrapping best gift wrapping ideas

Add a Little Warmth

What’s cuter than tying on a pair of either homemade or thoughtfully-purchased mittens to your present? While it depends on where you live, most people could use a pair of fuzzy and warm gloves. Slip the mitts under a little ribbon and add a small bundle of greenery. There’s nothing more wonderfully wintry than this.

DIY Winter Wrapping from Honestly WTF


Perfect the Japanese Art of Furoshiki

This is the ultimate way to ensure zero-waste gifting. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese technique that today, is used to wrap gifts or transport a small present when visiting someone’s home. It’s wonderfully practical and a great sustainable solution to keeping your trash or recycling from piling up with paper on Christmas day. Furoshiki is of course beautiful as well. Gather up vintage or found fabrics and follow this tutorial for everything you need to know to make your perfectly imperfect little bundle.

Furoshiki How-To from Noémie Memories

DIY Sharpie Bow

Trompe-l’oeil Your Bow

This is a great gift wrapping solution for the ribbon-tying averse. Create the optical illusion of a silky bow with a sharpie! We love this idea because not only is it just about as easy as it gets, but if you find yourself short on ribbons, you can pull out a permanent marker and get to work. Get the DIY Sharpie Bow Tutorial here.

DIY Sharpie Bow from Dream Green DIY

DIY Licorice Allsorts Wrapping Paper

Make It Sweet

This one’s for the maximalists among us. If you want a little (or a lot) of color, by all means, go for it. I love the simple, easy impact of a few stripes added to your gift wrap. These boxes boast a whimsical quality that’ll make anyone smile. They’re also wayyyy easier than they look. So grab your scissors and supplies and get crafting.

DIY Licorice Allsorts Wrapping Paper from The House That Lars Built

DIY Wrapping Paper

Unleash Your Inner Matisse

Did you know how easy it is to make your own wrapping paper? Simply break out a big roll of kraft paper, set up your paints, and go for it. Of course, this project is going to require covering up anything you might get paint on (a drop cloth works perfectly), but once you do, there’s no reason to hold back. Paint your heart out, Pollock.

DIY Wrapping Paper from ARTBAR

DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper

Make Your Own Stamps

I love a good hand-stamped paper, but did you know you can make it with things you already have in your house? This clever DIY uses everything from popsicle sticks to wine bottles to ice cube trays (yes, really!) to create one-of-a-kind patterns and designs. If it’s a lovingly homemade look you’re going for, try this.

DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper from Paper & Stitch

DIY Gift Tag Stickers

Customize a Cute Message

While there’s a couple of steps needed to make these gift tags, they’re all easy to do. Type out a little message in Photoshop and print out your tags on peel and stick posters. Peel and stick onto your present, add a little ribbon and maybe some greenery, and you’re all good to go.

DIY Gift Tag Stickers from Home Oh My

Neon Color Block Gift Tags

Nail It With Neon

While Christmas means there’s plenty of red, green, silver, and gold to go around, I’m into going for the unexpected and adding a pop of neon under the tree. These gift tags are the easiest way to customize your gift and will make anyone feel appreciated when they see the little bit of extra effort you put in to make their present special. You can color block your gift tags or add a polka dot pattern. For all the instructions, go ahead and click through.

Neon Color Block Gift Tags from Paper & Stitch

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