It’s the Last Month of the Year—Here’s How to Create A Vision and *Actually* Reach Your Goals in 2024

It’s the Last Month of the Year—Here’s How to Create A Vision and *Actually* Reach Your Goals in 2024

For the last several years, I’ve taken a few days at the end of December to reflect on the year, dive deep, and really think about what I want for the year ahead. It’s been a transformative practice for me as it helps me get really intentional about the year ahead. In 2021 I started sharing this “workbook” that I created for my own personal use, with all of you. Thousands of you have downloaded it every December since, and it’s been so inspiring to hear how you’ve used it as a tool to be more intentional in your own lives.

Well, I’m very excited to share that this year’s workbook is LIVE (and you guys—it’s our best one ever.) Because I’m so passionate about sharing everything I’m learning about this topic, we’re rolling out two other exciting ways to level up your vision setting for 2024. Read on for more about the 2024 Vision Workbook, the beautiful Vision Board Kit we created at Casa Zuma so you can put those big dreams up where you can see them (!!), and a live workshop that you’re all invited to in January. Feel free to choose just one—but between you and me, I hope you pick them all!

Vision Workbook Pages

Start here: the 2024 Vision Workbook.

Why is it so important to create a vision for your year? This intentional vision that you carry into 2024 will fuel your passion when things get tough, and it’ll give you energy to jump out of bed every morning and get after it. As you walk through my vision workbook, give yourself permission to dream big, get creative, and approach life with an abundance mindset.

What many of you have shared is that you love that this workbook isn’t just about manifestation—it’s also about creating an action plan. I believe that visualization plus a tactical plan for doing the work, is the secret to making real traction towards creating our dream lives.

Take action: Download the free 2024 Vision Workbook here.

Casa Zuma Vision Board Kit

Level up: get the Casa Zuma Vision Board Kit

One of the most powerful tools that I use to make tangible change in my life is vision boarding. Something powerful happens when you take those dreams inside your head and put them out into the world where you can see them. Think about it: everything you’ve ever done and every choice you’ve ever made, started as something in your imagination. When you visualize those thoughts through images and words by making a vision board, you can start to feel what that dream life feels like. You start attracting the energy you want to bring into your life.

This year I could not be more excited to bring you guys the ultimate Vision Board Kit at Casa Zuma with everything you need to create an intentional vision for each area of your life. It’s an investment in yourself that pays back immeasurably—and one of the most impactful ways to make actual traction towards your dream life this year.

Hot tip: when you buy the Vision Board Kit, you get free access to the Vision Board Workshop that I’m hosting in January. More on that below…

Take action: order the Casa Zuma Vision Board Kit here (and get free access to our workshop!)

Join me: Live Vision Board Workshop on January 6th

Writing down a vision for my life has paved the way for the most aligned, fulfilling, and exciting life I could have imagined. And I love sharing what I’ve learned about this practice through the years. But one of the biggest questions I’m asked is—where do I begin? And how do I even know what my vision is?

In this 60-minute virtual workshop, I’ll walk you through my four-step process for building your vision—and then bringing it to life. I’ll teach you how to:

  • Discover your own unique life vision—one that leads to fulfillment and daily joy
  • Set intentions so you can prioritize what matters
  • Build a vision board so you can revisit those dreams every day
  • Bring it to life—my daily practice to live every day on purpose

You’ll be shocked by how many of your dreams come true when you put these steps into practice—and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Take action: sign up for the Vision Board Workshop right here.


Can’t wait to see you guys there! And if you do walk through the Vision Board Workbook or order a Casa Zuma Vision Board Kit, be sure to send me a DM or tag me on Instagram—I’d love to see your vision boards and hear how your vision setting is going for 2024.

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