Christmas Is Coming—These Modern Tree Ideas Will Help You Deck the Halls and Keep It Chic

Christmas Is Coming—These Modern Tree Ideas Will Help You Deck the Halls and Keep It Chic

We know you know: we’re obsessed with a streamlined aesthetic. Here at Camille Styles, natural, organic, and minimalist are all design values we each adhere to in our homes. (And beyond—our earthy vibes know no bounds.) But of course, when the holidays roll around, this presents a bit of a challenge. Our aim is festive without going over the top—and no, that doesn’t have to be a paradox. In an effort to speak to the modernists among us, we culled the best modern Christmas tree decorations.

And since “modern” can be vague, we set out to find a variety of unique inspirations. From streamlined ornaments and a completely contemporary take on the Christmas “tree” to a woodland-inspired approach, we have your chic halls covered.

10 Modern Christmas Tree Ideas for a Contemporary Aesthetic

This time of year, while all things are merry and bright, it can seem like you’re trying to take the holly-jolliness out of it all by keeping things pared-back. But fear not, there are plenty of ways to weave in a little character and narrative to your tree without going overboard. Ahead, discover over favorite modern Christmas tree decorations and the homes that inspired them. We guarantee you’ll find a look you love.

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Camille Styles cozy and modern christmas tree decorations.

Modern, but Cozy

This year, Camille’s holiday decor was all about keeping things as comfy as possible. After all, with all the hustle and bustle December brings on, it’s important we soak up the seasonal comforts as best we can. A few years back, Camille opted for a faux Christmas tree—one that’s tall enough to fill her high ceilings. Though her exact tree is out of stock, we found the perfect lookalike to help your decor make a subtle statement. Pair it with a linen tree skirt and kraft paper-wrapped presents so that your heirloom ornaments can speak for themselves.

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Ribbon decorated Christmas tree.

Put a Bow on It

Bows are one of the year’s biggest holiday trends—both on and off our heads. While I love doing a half-up hairstyle with my favorite velvet bow, the look is also so chic on the tree. Purchase a few spools of velvet ribbon in coordinating colors (I love how dramatic and modern jewel tones look on the tree), and tie bows all around with long tails. They’ll echo the accents on your presents perfectly. Pro tip: Be sure to keep the rest of your ornaments fairly minimalist so your bows can shine.

Image via Chèr House

Modern orange garland Christmas tree.

Add a Pop of Orange

For me, oranges are synonymous with the holidays. I love having them on the stove in a simmer pot with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and other spices—and I can eat my weight in the citrus all throughout December. But my favorite way to enjoy them this season is drying slices in the oven and stringing garlands of oranges all over my tree. It’s a natural, easy way to bring a pop of understated color to an otherwise minimal tree.

Image via B Vintage Style

Sheet music alternative Christmas tree.

The Christmas “Tree”

Okay, this is art—the distilled essence of a Tannenbaum. If you don’t have room for a tree, we love this simple alternative. Visit a thrift store or your local Goodwill to source old music sheets and tape in a tree formation using neutral or festive washi tape. It’s the ultimate in Christmas minimalist—and there’s nothing Charlie Brown about it.

Image via The Nordroom

Camille Styles evergreen Christmas tree decor.

Make It Match

Last year, Camille opted for a tree design that mimicked an evergreen forest. She wanted a look that was streamlined while still echoing the character and whimsy of her Christmas trees past. To do so, she matched her tree to the faux garland and wreath that hung from her mantle. The whole look is amplified and brought together by a mirror that makes the space feel even larger than it is.

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Christmas basket in a tree.

Place It in a Basket

This is a brilliant modern touch to bring into a small space. Rather than trying to balance a too-big tree in a corner where it will overwhelm the space, opt instead to go smaller-scale. And with such a petite tree, you can sneak it into a pretty woven basket. Trust me, the vibes will be so cozy—and it’s a project you can take from start to finish in about 10 minutes.

Image via The Merrythought

The Scandinavian Tree

The Scandinavian Tree

Scandinavian style is synonymous with sleek, modern minimalism, and the less-is-more approach translates beautifully to the holidays. Finding a way to make a natural tree warm and festive is peak Scandi-chic. With a streamlined color palette, furry blanket, and barely-there twinkle lights, the look is simple but highly effective.

Image via @zilya_home

Moody Christmas tree.

Make It Moody

I love creating elegance with a pared-back palette. Tones of cream, dark burgundy, and deep taupe echo this home’s modern, Nordic aesthetic. If you like incorporating many pieces into your modern Christmas tree decorations but still want the look to bring a sense of calm to your space, keep your ornaments darker while letting your twinkly lights shine.

Image via These Four Walls

The Naturalistic Christmas Tree

The Naturalistic Christmas Tree

Because we’re all so excited for the holiday season to begin, Camille tends to deck out her Austin home a bit on the early side. And though she went all out a few years back, the natural vibe and neutral color palette kept things feeling organic.

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When the Star Is a Star

The Christmas tree topper is often the icing on the cake, but what if you really gave it a moment. Pick an avant-garde take on the traditional star for a twinkling statement that draws the eye.

Image via Viv & Tim Home

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